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Trace everything

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Easily enter data as items move trough the supply chain by scanning RFID or NFC tags, barcodes, QR codes, using our proprietary mobile phone app and web interface. Or take these from your ERP OR SCM systems via our Responsible Sourcing APIs.

Always know the provenance of catalog items.


We allow you to trace backward and forward by:  


Trace every supplier along the chain of custody from farm all the way to the grocery store, and vice versa, for a particular lot or catalog item.

Transfer and transform

Trace items from source to store. For example, trace items from the transfer of produce from multiple farms that are then aggregated by the processor and then packaged and sold on to grocery stores.

Transaction audit

A detailed trace by business transactions to significantly reduce the time and cost of recall investigations, and compliance audits.


Trace item by country and location of origin and all points along the supply chain.