The new trust machine

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There’s a lot of buzz about blockchain, but what is it?


Blockchain is a digital ledger that stores transaction data in a way that can’t be altered or deleted. It provides a consistent one-view of data to collaborating organizations. 

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Records all transactions occurring in a peer network (for example, a company’s supply chain), eliminating individual, paper-based ledgers.

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All information stored on a blockchain is encrypted and can be shared among multiple users, giving enhanced data security.

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Data is stored in distributed locations, increasing overall system resilience and fault tolerance.

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In a private blockchain, the owner can give access permissions to specific users, increasing privacy.

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MIMOSI is hosted as a private blockchain software-as-a-service. This gives all the benefits of a cloud-based solution such as:

  • Operating cost versus capital expenditure

  • Minimal administration and cost of ownership

  • Accessible anywhere over the internet


We use the highest level of identity management in the industry. 

Your data integrity and confidentiality are maintained using transaction encryption and hashed digital signatures of permissioned users in the blockchain. Transactions recorded on the blockchain are immutable and encrypted by default making the digital ledger tamper-proof, reducing the possibility of fraud.

MIMOSI is implemented on top of HyperLedger Fabric.

Our products work with the following platforms  

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We have solutions for

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For Suppliers

We help supply chain leaders ensure quality, compliance, and ethics. 

We give companies a powerful tool to help protect human rights, reduce safety risks and improve environmental performance in their supply chains.

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For Brands

We help brands uphold their values and maintain their highest standards.

Quickly and accurately trace products through the supply chain, from the farm or mine all the way to your customer's shopping cart.