Identity Management
for your Blockchain Applications

Extend Public Key Infrastructure to the Blockchain.

Ensure you have the best identity protection and access management available.

High-assurance industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals and finance are adopting blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, for a range of tasks. Our identity-management technology lets you extend your PKI credentials to the blockchain providing optimum trust and flexibility.

Faster Identity Deployments

We accelerate the speed of deployment without sacrificing flexibility or sophistication. We will apply a full suite of interoperable IAM services, including multi-factor authentication, interoperable multisig, digital signature authentication, delegation, and revocation services to your blockchain apps.

Standards Compliance for Bridging Systems

PeerLedger services demonstrate an extension of standards, such as SAFE BioPharma® standards for Identity and Access Management, to blockchain applications. They enable applications via a two-way bridge to connect identities across secure systems protected by PKI standards.

Trusted Collaborations

We offer the most flexible real-to-digital identity mapping management software available for blockchain apps. Users feel safe in knowing they are communicating with strongly credentialed colleagues, collaborators, and customers online.

Key Features

Peer Ledger enables strong identity management for blockchain applications. We make sure you control who is accessing your data while your team enjoys complete flexibility in safely accessing their work.
  • Real Identities to Blockchain Identities.
  • Android, iOS, and web platforms.
  • Blockchain Platform Agnostic.
  • Self-Serve.
  • Interoperable Data Access.
  • User and Developer-friendly.
  • Easy Onboarding.
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Trusted by Smart Businesses

Organizations today interact directly with billions of end users in new ways. So digital identity is more important than ever. Here’s how Peer Ledger can maximize productivity and trust among employees, collaborators, and customers.

Shipping identity-aware products
at an amazing speed

We do not have to build important identity management capability from scratch for our blockchain applications. We can save a lot of time by leveraging PeerLedger's services

Better collaboration
with remote teams

Peer Ledger will enable us to extend our existing strong credentials to participate in exciting blockchain applications. We would not have the capability to use these applications as soon otherwise.

User experience
at the heart of our business

We enable our clients' customers to do self-care. With Peer Ledger's focus on user-friendly onboarding, our customers and their will use sophisticated security mechanisms without knowing it!

A new way to link real identities
for blockchain apps

Our in-house developers can use Peer Ledger's SDK to provide stronger identity services for blockchain applications


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