Statement of Values

As a software technology company, we are dedicated to creating and distributing blockchain applications that improve the human condition. Early in our history, this includes providing software to help pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to produce better drugs and to support compliance around guidelines to help root out “conflict minerals” from the precious minerals market at a fraction of today’s costs around identity and compliance. As we progress, we hope to add similar technology that benefits humanity and the planet.


We show respect for our colleagues, customers, and partners. We will never engage in sexist, racist, exclusionary or disrespectful behavior, and will endeavor to correct our conduct if was ever fall short of our expectations.


We are devoted to sustainability and environmental responsibility, in our products and services and in our conduct as a company. We hope our products will be used to enhance quality of human life, environmental protection, and sustainability. We promise that our operations will adhere to the highest possible standards.


We are customer-focused and transparent, which include being frank and honest with all our stakeholders. If problems arise with our technology, we declare with integrity, and assure fast robust solutions.


We are internationalists, inclusive, adventurous, creative, open-minded, adaptable, determined, learning and growing, and passionate about creating great software for important purposes, and in providing superior customer service.