Our identity bridge product maps real identities from existing systems to blockchain identities on one or more fabrics, such as Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, or Bitcoin fabrics. It is a standalone product, which can be integrated with existing identity systems, and various blockchains. Peer Ledger has proven its identity product with existing SAFE-BioPharma’s standards-compliant credentials as implemented in Synchronoss’ and Verizon’s Universal ID system.

Our Mimosi product helps organizations to prevent funds from eventually going to those who violently abuse the safety of African children and women situated upstream of mineral supply chains.  Organizations can track and trace transfers and transformations of mineral products in the Mimosi blockchain, while immutably maintaining the identity, certification and audit reports of each party connected in the downstream mineral supply chain, from mine to end user.

Canada is legalizing and rolling out sales of cannabis in July 2018. Our Mimosi-CAN product can responsibly track cannabis from farm to retailer. It can assist suppliers with real-time inventory management of cannabis, better projections of supply and demand, proofs around compliance, and the ability to track consumption and trends via analytics on verified data. Retailers and intermediate suppliers have superb control of sourcing, thereby eliminating​ product from illegitimate sources entering the chain. Farms, suppliers, and retailers gain instant visibility into pairs of shipping documents and receipts, and purchase order and invoice transactions, which drastically lowers the cost of audits. Responsible retailers and tiered suppliers may identify gaps in supply/demand, and use verified blockchain data for descriptive and predictive analytics. Transactions recorded on the blockchain are immutable and encrypted by default making the ledger tamper-proof, thereby reducing the possibility of fraud.