PAMP and Peer Ledger

Implement First-of-a-Kind Miner-to-Consumer Traceability

Peer Ledger Illustration concepts-23.png


Demonstrate the authenticity and provenance of a gold bar, providing the consumer with transparency into which is (are) the mine(s) produced source(s) of the gold, which processors and refinery processed the gold, and who transported and distributed the gold as well as confidence in each actor’s compliance to OECD guidance for responsible supply chains.






PAMP and Peer Ledger demonstrate first-of-a-kind blockchain-trusted consumer and supplier innovations. This innovative solution will support the precious metals industry to eliminate sources of un-responsible precious metals as well as counterfeits. It will also deliver on industry’s values - making sourcing, workers' treatment and environmental impacts traceable, transparent, and responsible all over the world.

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