Blockchain for Responsible Supply Chains 

Blockchain is the next evolution in responsible supply chain management.

Our MIMOSI platform fills a critical gap in existing documentation and control systems. It gives our customers a trusted, immutable and secure record of all transactions across their entire supply chain.  
For most of our customers, this will be the first time they will have one-click visibility into all materials and associated production protocols, parts, and components from the source all the way to their customers. 
MIMOSI helps to improve trust, raise the quality of industry benchmarking and reduce risks while saving costs. It uses the highest level of identity management in the industry.


Conflict Minerals

Counterfeit Parts

Food Provenance

Significantly improve traceability and reporting of conflict minerals beyond Tier 1 suppliers all the way to the mine, reducing risk and saving costs.
Gain an immutable record of the provenance of 3TGs, cobalt, copper, nickel, and aluminum across your entire value chain. Strengthen your ability to deliver on commitments to source responsibly, protect working conditions and human rights.

Reduce safety risks and recover lost revenue with easy identification of counterfeit parts.
Extend tracking of genuine parts through to the repair market, allowing warranty teams to check if claims are being made against a genuine part as recorded on the blockchain.  

Improve the safety and resiliency of your agricultural supply chain by reducing the potential for safety recalls and improving risk management. Know the provenance of each food item, certifications, and associated protocols for safety, testing, manufacturing/production, and environmental protection across all organizations in value chains. Conveniently obtain data for sustainability reports.
Track compliance with food safety standards and your supplier code of conduct.

Impact Areas

See how Mimosi is impacting the following partners in a Supply Chain


Quickly identify the source of materials, parts and components

Easily check compliance with responsible sourcing policies and regulations

Save costs with fast, detailed audits of transactions

Verify the authenticity of materials at any stage in the supply chain with immutable records

Control who has access to records and documents stored on the blockchain

How it Works

① Record

Scan and automatically upload transaction documents including purchase orders, shipping manifests, or receipts, and identifiers including bar codes, QR codes, RFID, manufacturer SKUs, lot numbers and others. Our mobile interface makes it easy to use smartphones and tablets to scan items in factories and remote locations such as mines.

② Upload

Upload audit reports and external certifications for each supplier, so you can see the current status of their compliance with your policies, industry standards and your supplier code of conduct.

③ View

Trace the origin of individual materials, components and products, whether it’s by country, region, supplier, current location, production date, or shipping & receiving date. View a detailed map of your company’s supply chain, or a map for specific products or components.

④ Certify

e-Certify conduct of each organization in the value chain, including audits, external certifications, and protocols-in-use for safety, testing, manufacturing, environmental protection, and security and access control.

⑤ Audit

Reduce the time and effort needed to locate and access transaction documents needed for supplier audits, saving up to 50-70% of auditing costs. Once completed, upload the most recent audit reports for each supplier so you’re always up to date.

⑥ Analyze

Use data analytics from MIMOSI to gain deeper insights into supplier performance, real-time inventory management, better projections of supply and demand, improve fraud detection, and identify gaps to make your supply chain more efficient, resilient and cost effective.

⑦ Engage

Use the insights gained from MIMOSI to work in partnership with your suppliers to improve performance and troubleshoot any issues as they arise. Set targets and track improvements.

⑧ Report

Access a customized reporting dashboard on MIMOSI containing aggregated data on your supply chain. Know at a glance the volume and percentage of specific materials used in your production process, location of their source, and the compliance performance of your suppliers. Improve the accuracy and speed of your internal and external performance reports.

The Platform

MIMOSI is hosted as a private blockchain software-as-a-service. This gives all the benefits of a cloud-based solution such as:

  • Operating cost versus capital expenditure
  • Minimal administration and cost of ownership
  • Accessible anywhere over the internet

We use the highest level of identity management in the industry.  Your data integrity and confidentiality is maintained using transaction encryption and hashed digital signatures of permissioned users in the blockchain. Transactions recorded on the blockchain are immutable and encrypted by default making the digital ledger tamper-proof, reducing the possibility of fraud.

MIMOSI is implemented on top of HyperLedger Fabric.