The Responsible Sourcing Company.

We help organizations uphold their social values while de-risking their supply chains

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Track and Trace

We give companies a powerful tool to help protect human rights, reduce safety risks and improve environmental performance in their supply chains.


We help innovators across the globe

Tech Manufacturing

The biggest challenge for conflict-free supply chains remains obtaining trusted visibility of minerals upstream to the mine. 

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Reduce safety risks and regain revenue lost to counterfeit items by securely tracking and tracing components all the way to your customers.



Improving food and agricultural safety and sustainability needs accurate, visible and trusted information across the entire production supply chain. 

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Improve user access to healthcare blockchain applications with our Identity Bridge solution by ensuring user authorization and authentication.

Solutions for

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We help supply chain leaders ensure quality, compliance, and ethics. 

Our MIMOSI Blockchain application gives companies a trusted, immutable record of all track-and-trace transactions across supply chains.

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We help brands uphold their values and maintain their highest standards.

Quickly and accurately trace products through the supply chain, from the farm or mine all the way to your customer's shopping cart.

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Food Industry

We help food producers and retailers ensure quality and freshness.

The global food industry supply chain is complex, and needs a tracking and transparency system that can cope with modern demands.

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Manage your supply chain and deliver insights on transparency to customers and partners in real time.