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 Quickly and accurately trace products through your entire supply chain.


Single Click Transparency And Coverage Audit

Our MIMOSI platform fills a critical gap in existing documentation and control systems. This gives brands a trusted, immutable and secure record of all transactions across their entire supply chain.

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Reduce Risk Across Entire Supply Chain

Extend risk management beyond Tier 1 suppliers, significantly improving traceability.

Companies are working hard to ensure their products are free from counterfeit materials, but the biggest challenge remains obtaining complete and trusted traceability.

Save Time, Money, And Your Reputation

Know, at a glance the sources of the materials that go into your products. Reduce auditing costs with easy access to transactions, documents, and significantly reduce risk management costs. Access reports with consolidated data from all suppliers on MIMOSI.

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We Power Responsible Sourcing 

We use the highest level of identity management in the industry. Your data integrity and confidentiality is maintained using transaction encryption and hashed digital signatures of permissioned users in the blockchain. Transactions recorded on the blockchain are immutable and encrypted by default making the digital ledger tamper-proof, reducing the possibility of fraud.


Our patent-pending MIMOSI blockchain platform uses the power of a secure, digital, distributed ledger to:

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Brand risk management through end to end tracing and transparency

Verify the source and authenticity of materials at any stage in the supply chain with immutable records

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Fast, detailed records audits for every transaction, saving time and money

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Detect and prevent counterfeit materials and products

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Sync data from ERPs and existing supply chains via API

Verify compliance with responsible sourcing policies and regulations


Trace everything

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Easily enter data as items move through the supply chain by scanning RFID or NFC tags, barcodes, QR codes, using our mobile app and web interface. We can also take these from your ERP or SCM systems via our Responsible Sourcing API.

Always know the provenance of your items.


We allow you to track and trace by:  


Trace every supplier along the supply chain from source to store, and vice versa, for a particular lot or catalog item.

Transfer and transform

Trace items from source to store. For example, trace items from the transfer of produce from multiple farms that are then aggregated by the processor, packaged, and then sold on to grocery stores.

Transaction audit

A detailed trace by business transactions to significantly reduce the time and cost of recall investigations, and compliance audits.


Trace item by location of origin for all points along the supply chain.

Want to ensure you have the most effective, ethical, and efficient supply chain possible?

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