A food system you and your customers can trust.

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Existing traceability systems are broken.

The global food industry supply chain is complex, and needs a tracking and transparency system that can cope with modern demands.

With food recalls and food fraud on the rise, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the origin and safety of the food they eat. Smart companies want to safeguard their customers, their reputation and their bottom line:

• 63% of Canadians are concerned about food fraud and 42.7% believe they have bought a counterfeit food product. (Food fraud and risk perception: Awareness in Canada and projected trust on risk mitigating agents)

• In 2016, at least 764 food recalls were reported in Canada and the U.S. (Food Safety Magazine)

• Food fraud is estimated to cost the global food industry US$30 to $40 billion every year. (John Spink, Michigan State University, 2014)

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When it comes to food safety and recalls, speed is critical to protect the health of your customers.

You need accurate information at your fingertips that you can trust.

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Our MIMOSI platform gives you that information.

Identify the precise source of contamination quickly

Locate products and individual ingredients that came in contact with the contaminant(s) at any point in a supply chain whose participants collaborate for safety

Prove that products are safe, giving reassurance to your customers

Reduce waste and cost from destroying items unnecessarily

Detect and prevent counterfeit items from entering your supply chain

Comply with food safety regulations in multiple jurisdictions

Trace everything

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Easily enter data as items move through the supply chain by scanning RFID or NFC tags, barcodes, QR codes, using our mobile app and web interface. We can also take these from your ERP or SCM systems via our Responsible Sourcing API.

Always know the provenance of your items.


We allow you to track and trace by:  


Trace every supplier along the supply chain from source to store, and vice versa, for a particular lot or catalog item.

Transfer and transform

Trace items from source to store. For example, trace items from the transfer of produce from multiple farms that are then aggregated by the processor, packaged, and then sold on to grocery stores.

Transaction audit

A detailed trace by business transactions to significantly reduce the time and cost of recall investigations, and compliance audits.


Trace item by location of origin for all points along the supply chain.

Our patent-pending MIMOSI blockchain platform uses the power of a secure, digital, distributed ledger to:

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We offer multiple tracing capabilities and the ability for users to define their own trace data needs.


Our flexible pricing model enables companies to add responsible sourcing to their platforms according to how many items they choose to track and trace.

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MIMOSI is run on Hyperledger Fabric, an open source blockchain framework. Enterprise scalability, reliability, and security using the highest level of encryption available.

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Your data is permissioned, meaning only people you allow have access to information stored on your private blockchain.

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Our public APIs mean MIMOSI can be integrated with your existing supply chain enterprise solution, layering sophisticated traceability and document immutability.

Industry standards

MIMOSI supports data interoperability standards across industries including the GS1 standards for the food industry.


Want to ensure you have the most effective, ethical, and efficient supply chain possible?

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