Consumers to Brands: Please Return the Favour


Dawn Jutla, CEO of Peer Ledger, the maker of MIMOSI Responsible Sourcing software, says that companies who do not adopt solutions like theirs will eventually vanish. Just as brands have found out everything about consumers through platforms like Facebook, consumers are asking for the favor to be returned. Consumers want the peace of mind that a company’s supply chain upholds their and the company’s values.

“Customers are not interested in buying your stuff when another company can show them its suppliers are not hiring 7-year old girls in a back-alley sweatshop, or exposing factory workers to chemical burns daily, or using child labor in a militia-controlled mine, but you can’t say that for sure. The other company’s customers know this because Peer Ledger’s MIMOSI tells them so. With opening horizons and empathy through travel, people treat the world as a single community today. Injustice won’t continue as customers show they care not just about price but how people are treated and the environment impacted where their goods are sourced or made. The reason consumers are not voting with their wallet today is because there was no tool before to keep suppliers honest. But progressive brands now have at least one to use in MIMOSI and will get a head start on earning consumer goodwill before competitors catch on.” says Jutla.

Companies can also use Responsible Sourcing software to detect and prevent counterfeiting and to track in-use protocols or treatments. MIMOSI tracks the items in its catalogue. If a company tracks gold from source to retail, MIMOSI uses technologies to ensure that a goldsmith won’t end up buying a fake gold bar, or to reassure a consumer that no unwanted GMO materials were present, or harmful fertilisers added to their food.

Because of the highly modular way in which Peer Ledger designs and implements MIMOSI, the company provides an organization and its supply chains today with a choice of how to deploy responsible sourcing. Either start off using only the new cloud-based Responsible Sourcing solution for traceability and recall management or dive in and also use its Blockchain backend to further resilience, trust and accountability. Any current indecision about embracing Blockchain technology should not stop companies and their supply chains from embracing MIMOSI’s Responsible Sourcing software today. And companies would be able to seamlessly “turn on” the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain option with its extra functionalities whenever they choose, as they get familiar with the MIMOSI platform and its new capabilities.

To add responsible sourcing capability to their existing supply chains, companies simply bolt on functionality via MIMOSI’s Public APIs, and use its web interface for data visuals and supplier questionnaires. Peer Ledger’s software makes it easy for brands and their supply chains to answer their caring consumers’ questions about sourcing. Jutla says “Consumers will be asking brands – why aren’t you using responsible sourcing platforms to know your suppliers’ operations better and answer to our and your values when you readily invest in multiple technology platforms to learn so much about us?”

Brian Jeffcock