About Us

Peer Ledger was founded in 2016 with a clear purpose: use cutting edge blockchain technology to help companies collaborate to protect human rights, improve environmental performance and significantly reduce key risks, such as counterfeiting and safety, in their supply chains. 

We do this by using our innovative blockchain platform to provide one consistent view of data to permissioned organizations in value chains, certify the conduct of organizations, make transparent the provenance and protocols used in producing materials, securely document, immediately cross-check, and track and trace materials, components and products from their source, all the way to the customer.

Since we started, we’ve given pharmaceutical companies a tool to ensure the highest level of identity and access management while securely on-boarding users onto new blockchain applications, supporting their efforts to protect their intellectual property while making better drugs. 

We’ve also built our innovative MIMOSI blockchain platform to help companies reduce the risk of conflict minerals and damaging or fraudulent materials from entering the products that they make. Recently we customized MIMOSI to provide food retailers and their customers with the means to track and trace food items all the way back to their source.

We believe that blockchain can help make our world a better place.  Come and join us. 

Meet The Team

Dawn Jutla
Peter Bodorik
Jim Cook
Mike Durland
Board Director
Rohan Malcolm
Sr. Software Engineer
Antonio Vassell
Sr. Software Engineer
Abhinav Kalra
Blockchain/Integration Engineer
S. Shahzeb Hasnain
Blockchain/Cloud Engineer
Logan Olmstead
Sales Representative
Gordon B. Agnew
Advisory Board Member
Andy Osburn
Advisory Board Member
Allison Murray
Sustainability Advisor
Anthony Hodge
Advisory Board Member
We are looking for you!

Our Values

Our values guide how we work every day.

We show respect for our colleagues, customers, and partners. We will never engage in sexist, racist, exclusionary or disrespectful behaviour, and will correct our conduct if we ever fall short of our expectations.

We are devoted to sustainability and environmental responsibility, in our products and services and in our conduct as a company. 

We are customer-focused and transparent.  This includes being frank and honest with all our stakeholders. If problems arise with our technology, we declare with integrity, and assure fast robust solutions.  We’re committed to providing the best possible customer service.

We are internationalists, inclusive, adventurous, creative, open-minded, adaptable, determined, learning and growing, and passionate about creating great software for important purposes.