About Us

Peer Ledger was founded in 2016 with a clear purpose: use cutting edge blockchain technology to help companies collaborate to protect human rights, improve environmental performance and significantly reduce key risks, such as counterfeiting and safety, in their supply chains. 

We do this by using our innovative blockchain platform to provide one consistent view of data to permissioned organizations in value chains, certify the conduct of organizations, make transparent the provenance and protocols used in producing materials, securely document, immediately cross-check, and track and trace materials, components and products from their source, all the way to the customer.

Since we started, we’ve given pharmaceutical companies a tool to ensure the highest level of identity and access management while securely on-boarding users onto new blockchain applications, supporting their efforts to protect their intellectual property while making better drugs. 

We’ve also built our innovative MIMOSI blockchain platform to help companies reduce the risk of conflict minerals and damaging or fraudulent materials from entering the products that they make. Recently we customized MIMOSI to provide food retailers and their customers with the means to track and trace food items all the way back to their source.

We believe that blockchain can help make our world a better place.  Come and join us. 

Meet The Team

Dawn Jutla
Chief Executive Officer

Dawn is the energetic founder and CEO of Peer Ledger. She leads a first-class team of talent passionate about blockchain technology, value creation, and corporate social responsibility. Dawn received her Master and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, now Dalhousie University, in the areas of distributed shared memory and multi-view access control respectively. Her publications include 85 papers in the IEEE, ACM, and other venues, and a co-authored book on e-Business Readiness: A Customer-Focused Framework. For over a decade, she taught business and technology strategy at the Sobey School of Business where she founded the lean Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) program to support entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada. She also holds the Scotiabank Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation position at Sobey School. She served on the Saint Mary’s University Board of Governors for 6 years, and on OASIS Open Board from 2012 to 2018. She currently serves on the IWK Health Centre’s Board of Directors.

A strongly hybrid business-technologist Dawn brings passion, drive, superb execution ability, and strategic thinking to everything she does. She led the authorship of the article called “Making Business Sense of e-Commerce” appearing in IEEE Computer and requested for translation to Japanese in Nikkei Computer in 1999. Almost 20 years later, she clearly sees the analogy with blockchain and the parallel disruptive models it enables. Dawn is the recipient of the World Technology Network’s Award for Software in the Individual Category in 2009, and the Atlantic Regional Women’s Entrepreneurship Award in 2018.

Rohan Malcolm
Chief Technology Officer

Rohan Malcolm provides technical leadership, engineer training, and project management for Peer Ledger’s products. He holds a BSc. in Computer Science, and an MSc. Computer Science with a major in Machine Learning from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has taught university classes in JAVA, computer security, artificial intelligence, distributed systems and systems security. His technical programming skills include expertise in blockchain, GO, GIT, ASP.NET, SQL, MYSQL, JQUERY, JAVA, C++/C, ANDROID, R, PYTHON, SWIFT, NODE.JS, ANGULAR JS, SECURITY, SOAP, REST, OAUTH2, SAML, AMAZON AWS. He is hands-on participating in the design, coding, evaluation, and maintenance of cutting-edge architecture and applications with the highest levels of security and integrity. He has over 7 years of experience in software development environments.

In 2014, Rohan won the Tracer Fire competition at the prestigious annual ACM Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). He also participated in the ACM-ICPC Programming Regional Finals 2013 as team captain. Just a few years later as a shareholder in Peer Ledger, he would again be engaging in traceability solutions, albeit of a larger global supply chain nature.

Peter Bodorik
Chief Research Officer

Peter Bodorik is very detail-oriented and a great team player, he is also a Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University where he has held various positions, such as Director of Master of Electronic Commerce, Associate Dean Academic, and Associate Dean Research (Acting). He has published over seventy refereed papers in conference and journal venues with concentration on managing data in distributed systems, in which he focused on efficient mechanisms for transaction management and querying; electronic commerce, with concentration on e-commerce models and bench marking; and privacy with concentration on models and tools to support privacy on the client and server sides. He has received and participated in many grants and awards from NSERC, CFI, and industry. Over eighty graduate students have successfully completed their studies under Dr. Bodorik’s (co)supervision at both the masters and PhD levels. He enjoys working with disruptive technologies, such as blockchain.

Jim Cook
Chief Operating Officer

Jim is a trusted finance, technical, and operational executive with over 20 years of experience in senior finance and advisory roles. A Chartered Professional Accountant, Jim has been a proactive business partner with both listed and privately held organizations,and has been instrumental in providing the core capabilities and insights that help drive organizational performance.

Jim has an MBA from Dalhousie University, and a degree in Archaeology from Trent University.

Matas Stungys
Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Stungys is an accomplished, former Silicon Valley sales executive, with extensive experience selling SaaS solutions. He brings deep conceptual and practical sales expertise derived from both Fortune 500 companies and multiple technology start-ups. With accomplished negotiation and influence skills across organizational disciplines and hierarchies, Matas is passionate in championing solutions that support a better world. He holds a B.S., majoring in Finance and Economics from Miami University, Farmer School of Business (Oxford, OH) and a Personal Financial Planning Certificate with Distinction from University of California, Berkeley Extension.

Scott Spitzer
Board Director

Chief Executive Officer of Manfra, Tordella, and Brookes (MTB) based in NYC, he has served in the commodities and financial services businesses for more than 15 years, and in several other industries. Scott has served as an officer of Credit Suisse-First Boston and Kay Corporation, a physical commodities and futures clearing, brokerage and trading advisory company that also owned the Kay Jewelers store chain. He also worked for the American Stock Exchange. Scott also serves as General Legal Counsel for the MKS Group.

Mike Durland
Board Observer

Mike is the President and CEO of Melancthon Capital, a private company which provides capital and advisory services to socially purposeful emerging Canadian companies. Mike also holds the position of Professor of Practice at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, is the Chair of the Board of Directors of DeepLearni.ng, and is a founding principal in Cabot Links, a member of the Board of Directors of TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture, a member of the advisory board of Riipen Networks Inc, a member of the Board of Directors of the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation, a member of the Board of Capitalize for Kids, a member of the Business Strategy Committee for the Global Risk Institute, a member of the Advisory Board of the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Social Impact at Queen’s University and the Master of Management Analytics Program at Queen’s University. Mike is a former Group Head and CEO, Global Banking and Markets for Scotiabank.

Mike holds a B Comm degree from Saint Mary’s University, a PhD in Finance and Operations Research from Queen’s University and an honorary Doctorate from Saint Mary’s University.

Antonio Vassell
Sr. Software Engineer
Abhinav Kalra
Blockchain/Integration Engineer
S. Shahzeb Hasnain
Blockchain/Cloud Engineer
Logan Olmstead
Sales Representative
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Sunil Kashyap
Advisory Board Member

Mr. Kashyap moved to Hong Kong in 2001 to head Scotiabank’s Precious Metals business in Asia. He has been instrumental in setting up the Bank’s bullion business in several Asian countries and has been closely involved with the liberalization process of the Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern bullion markets.
He oversees a precious metals business that operates within a strong regulatory and governance framework in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act, Conflict-Free Mineral legislation, NSFR rules, OFAC
Sanction lists, Reach legislation, Volcker rule and Transaction Reporting. He is a member of the International Advisor’s Committee of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and former
Chairman of Bullion Singapore Market Association. He is also a member of the Membership Committee of the London Bullion Market Association. He is also in the Advisory Group of Reuters of Asia, Advisory
Group of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (“HKEX”) and the Advisory Group of the National Stock Exchange in Mumbai. Given his various roles in the above mentioned Industry Committees, Mr. Kashyap actively provides advice on markets and industry trends, which may include specific advice on instruments covering securities and futures products.

During his 24-year career in the gold markets in Asia, Australia, Europe and Middle East, Sunil has developed relationships with producers, refiners, shippers, consumers, commercial and central banks. He has hands-on experience of sourcing Dore, refining metal, shipping and distributing bullion bars across the key markets of Dubai, India, South East Asia and China. He brings an in-depth understanding
of the key challenges faced and market forces influencing participants in the physical gold supply chain.

Sunil holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and is an engineering graduate from IIT, New Delhi.

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois
Advisory Board Member

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois is a Professor in food distribution and policy in the Faculties of Management and Agriculture at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is also the Interim Scientific Director of the Institute of Agri-food Analytics, also located in Halifax. He is as well the former Dean of the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University. Before joining Dalhousie, he was affiliated with the University of Guelph’s Arrell Food Institute, which he co-founded. While at the University of Guelph, he was also the Associate Dean of Research for the College of Business and Economics. Known as “The Food Professor”, his current research interest lies in the broad area of food distribution, security and safety. He is one of the world’s most cited scholars in food supply chain management, food value chains and traceability.

He has authored five books on global food systems, his most recent one published in 2017 by Wiley-Blackwell entitled “Food Safety, Risk Intelligence and Benchmarking”. He has also published over 500 peer-reviewed journal articles in several academic publications. Furthermore, his research has been featured in several newspapers, including The Economist, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Foreign Affairs, the Globe & Mail, the National Post and the Toronto Star.

Dr. Charlebois sits on a few company boards, and supports many organizations as a special advisor, including some publicly traded companies. Charlebois is also a member of the Scientific Council of the Business Scientific Institute, based in Luxemburg. He conducts policy analysis, evaluation, and demonstration projects for government agencies and major foundations focusing on agricultural policies and community development both in Canada and in development settings. Dr. Charlebois is a member of the Global Food Traceability Centre’s Advisory Board based in Washington DC, and a member of the National Scientific Committee of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in Ottawa. He has testified on several occasions before parliamentary committees on food policy-related issues as an expert witness. He has been asked to act as an advisor on food and agricultural policies in many Canadian provinces, in the United States, Brazil, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, China, Great Britain, Finland and the Netherlands.

Allison Murray
Sustainability Advisor

Allison is an international sustainability leader who has helped companies for over 20 years to deliver financial, social and environmental impact and build purpose into their business. She has led functional, product and campaign strategies at some of the world’s largest companies in the UK, Australia and Canada in the telecommunications, energy, insurance and transportation & logistics industries.

She has established, led and coached teams to deliver projects that engaged customers, employees and stakeholders during mergers and extensive organizational change. Beyond creating change inside large companies, she has also provided consulting services to CEOs and boards to help grow purpose led start-ups and not-for-profit organizations.

Laurent Liscia
Advisory Board Member

Laurent Liscia is CEO and Executive Director at OASIS, a well-respected international standards consortium, which is particularly known for its work in data and systems interoperability, identity, security, and privacy, and the quality and effectiveness of its community processes for standardization. He provides leadership, operational oversight, and strategic vision for the organization.

He represents OASIS in the international arena, serving as an advocate for open standards and open source in matters of policy and adoption. Laurent also develops new opportunities to extend the breadth and depth of future OASIS work. Prior to joining OASIS, he co-founded several Web-related companies and continues to advise technology startups in the funding stage. Laurent served as a Media Attaché for French Foreign Affairs and has worked in France, Canada, and the United States. He holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne University and speaks English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Laurent is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anthony Hodge
Advisory Board Member

Anthony Hodge is a past President of the International Council on Mining and Metals. He joined ICMM as President in October 2008. He is responsible for providing leadership for ICMM and maintaining the integrity, efficiency and effectiveness of ICMM activities. Anthony reports to the ICMM Council made up of the member company CEOs. In his career spanning over 30 years, Anthony has worked as a consulting engineer for the private sector, governments and civil society organizations. He has worked on a variety of assignments related to mining, aboriginal relations, nuclear waste management, water resources, energy policy, and the distribution of benefits from resource developments. Throughout, he has focused on practical application of sustainability ideas, something that he has written and presented on extensively.

During 2001 and 2002, Anthony led the North American component of global multi-stakeholder research initiative the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) project which examined the role of mining in a sustainable future. The initiative recognized the industry’s potential contributions to society, identified core challenges and established an agenda for implementing change which would become the foundation of ICMM’s mandate. In addition, Anthony has served as President of Friends of the Earth Canada from 1989-1992, served on the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) in Canada from 1992-1996, and from 2002-2004 served as Senior Advisor to the President of Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization. Anthony received his BASc and MASc degrees in Geological Engineering from University of British Columbia. He was awarded his PhD in 1995 from McGill University as a result of work that focused on reporting on progress toward sustainability and in 2007 was appointed as Kinross Professor of Mining and Sustainability, at Queen’s University in Canada.

Gordon B. Agnew
Advisory Board Member

Gordon B. Agnew is an engineering professor at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada. Agnew’s primary research interests are in the fields of encryption and data security.

He received his B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1978 and a Ph.D. in 1982 after which he joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of University of Waterloo. He has worked closely with industry and is a co-founder of Certicom Corp. Agnew is a Foundation Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications and was recently inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Andy Osburn
Advisory Board Member

Andy is a parallel start-up entrepreneur and has over 20 years of experience in software engineering and start-up technology ventures. Prior to acquisition by Core Security, Atlanta, GA, Andy was CEO at SecureReset/QuickFactor which provides seamless and convenient multi-factor authentication from mobile devices. Andy was also CEO at Students2mentors.com where colleges and universities empower students and engage alumni through structured mentoring.

Andy has previously occupied various technical and operational roles with the Royal Canadian Navy, primarily in the area of combat control systems. He holds a BSc from McMaster University, an MSc in acoustics from Royal Roads Military College and an MBA from Saint Mary’s University.

Andy has competed in a number of marathons and triathlons including Ironman Canada and Ironman Florida.

Our Values

Our values guide how we work every day.

We show respect for our colleagues, customers, and partners. We will never engage in sexist, racist, exclusionary or disrespectful behaviour, and will correct our conduct if we ever fall short of our expectations.

We are devoted to sustainability and environmental responsibility, in our products and services and in our conduct as a company. 

We are customer-focused and transparent.  This includes being frank and honest with all our stakeholders. If problems arise with our technology, we declare with integrity, and assure fast robust solutions.  We’re committed to providing the best possible customer service.

We are internationalists, inclusive, adventurous, creative, open-minded, adaptable, determined, learning and growing, and passionate about creating great software for important purposes.