Transforming health care with blockchain


A headline for the Healthcare Blockchain Summit: “Blockchain has arrived in health care but the trajectory it will follow in the coming years is an unmapped territory waiting to be explored.”

We’re really looking forward to the Center for Business Innovation’s Health care Blockchain Summit in Washington in March simply because this territory is so uncharted. The potential of Blockchain – the technology underlying Bitcoin – is immense. It has the power to utterly transform health care as we know it. It could disrupt drug discovery, patient engagement and monitoring, payments and participatory health care delivery.

But few people can say exactly which technologies will be implemented. And how. And no one can say when.

The Health care Blockchain Summit gave answers to some of these questions. In fact, Blockchain applications in health care are so revolutionary that we need to focus on what questions we should be asking. The Summit was a chance to do just that.

I’m delighted to have spoken at the Summit, and share the stage with my colleague and collaborator, Peter Alterman, the COO of SAFE-BioPharma Association. We tackled the subject, “Blockchain Identity Management for Pharma and Healthcare”.  A press release about our work is here.

But more than speaking, I enjoyed listening at the Summit, because the speakers are world-class and the topics fascinating. It started with Chairperson Jody Ranck, CEO, Krysalis Labs and Executive Vice President of Strategy, Ram Group, setting the stage with the opening remarks on blockchain and health care. It concluded with an excellent post-Summit workshop on the practicalities of designing and implementing a Blockchain pilot in healthcare.

In between, I listened attentively to some fascinating discussions. To name just a few, there was the panel discussion on health care platforms that use both blockchain and the Internet of Things. Dany De Grave, Senior Director of Innovation Programs at Sanofi Pasteur,  spokeabout the training and regulatory preparations needed to implement Blockchain. And Kent Lefner and Sandeep Savla of Infosys Consulting spoke on what Pharma can learn from finance in adopting blockchain.

The agenda of the Healthcare Blockchain Summit was too full to describe all the talks here. Check out the full details on the Summit’s website.

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